Sabor de Gràcia, was formed in 1994 by the hand of a Gypsy from Gracia, Antonio Carbonell, now known throughout Catalonia as «Sicus». Twenty-four years later, Sabor de Gràcia has become one of the reference groups in the world of Catalan rumba. This success has been due to his long career and the impact of his record works. Among those there are «Tots els colors» (DCD 1996), «El Mundo Baila» (K Industry 2004), «La Cançó amb Rumba» (Stress Music 2006), «Sabor Pa’Rato» (Harmonia Mundi 2010), «Gitanos Catalans» (Picap 2014) and a last double album «Sabor a Peret» (Tribute to the King of the rumba) (Discmedi 2018).

Apart from these 6 albums, in 2009, a thousand copies of the EP «4 Canciones de Hambre y Esperanza» released by the same group, the proceeds from this issue, went to the NGO Carumanda to create a school in Bucaramanga (Colombia).

Sabor de Gràcia, has worked throughout Catalonia, in much of Spain and in countries such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina, France, England, Hungary, Austria and Germany; countries where it has been possible to dance and dance to the rhythm of the Catalan gypsy rumba of Sabor de Gràcia. He has participated in different concerts like «Our Songs against AIDS» at the Palau Sant Jordi and the «Concert for Freedom» held at the F.C. Barcelona 2015 to celebrate the party of its 20 years and where more than 40 invited artists took part. He has also participated in the show «Rumberos take the stage», presented at the Greek Theater during the festivities of Mercè 2017 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona’92 Olympiad.

In 2002 they participated, being the official band, in the musical documentary «El Gran Gato» by Ventura Pons. They have also appeared on different Telemovies as «La Princesa del Polígono» and the series «Àngels y Sants» on TV3. They were nominated for the Goya awards as interpreters of the song «Podemos Volar Juntos» from the movie «El patio de mi Cárcel». It is necessary to add that in this 2018, they have collaborated in the filming of the series «El Confidente» of Movistar +.

Sabor de Gràcia, on their albums, has been able to enjoy the collaboration of different artists of great renown. Among those who find Oscar d’León, Gipsy Kings, Peret, Steve Hogarth, Pau Dones, Estrella Morente, Los del Río, La Pegatina, Moncho, Txarango, Jerry Medina, Pep Sala, Lucrecia, Els Pets, Las Migas, Gerard Quintana, Ojos de Brujo, Parrita, Amistades Peligrosas, José El Francés, Siempre Así, El Negri, Mónica Green, Wichy Camacho, kitflus, Txell Sust, Titot, La trova Kung Fú, Gertrudis, Los Manolos, among others.

Sabor de Gràcia has been able to accompany artists such as Los Chichos, Luis Eduardo Aute, Martirio, Kiko Veneno, Maria del Mar Bonet, Los Amaya Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Maruja Garrido, Lolita, Chacho, La Maña, Patriarcas de la Rumba, Ramunet, Manel Joseph, Clara Montes, Benjamin Escoriza, Sisa, TGonino Carotone, Giovanni Hidalgo, Luis Perico Ortiz, Furito Ríos, Los Sirex…

The great trajectory of Sabor de Gràcia, his experience and his personal and close way of doing rumba, have made this group nowadays, the official band of great concerts and productions of catalan rumba.In a double album released by DiscMedi and entitled;Sabor a Peret; the essential repertoire of the king of the rumba is collected with the contributions of Estrella Morente, Moncho, Oscar D;León, Los del Rio, Kitflus, Diego Amador, Nicolás Reyes and Tonino Baliardo of the Gipsy Kings, Pau Donés, Jerry Medina, Cathy Claret, Dangerous Friendships, Always So, Lucrecia, Paco Ortega, Samé Rey, The Sticker, The Banis, Dani Pubill, Gospelsons, Joshua Marcell, Txell Sust and Wichy Camacho. Sabor de Gràcia, a formation founded in the nineties and composed by musicians of the last generations of rumberos led by Sicus Carbonell, has recorded an intense double album of homage to the father of the universality of the Catalan rumba, Pere Pubill Calaf Peret.

In the recording, full of musical energy and cared to the last nuance, some very credited and famous voices have participated in the field of song, rumba, flamenco, salsa brava and latin-jazz. From Estrella Morente and Moncho to the Venezuelan Oscar D León, from the Gipsy Kings to Pau Donés, from Los del Río to Diego Amador and Kitflus, from Los Banis to the Puerto Rican Wichy Camacho, from La Pegatina to the master of scat in Latin jazz Jerry Medina, from Dangerous Friendships to Lucrecia or Paco Ortega, from Peret’s grandson, Dani Pubill, to Peret himself, whose voice and characteristic way of singing can be enjoyed in some songs, or to all the names of singers and musicians of the first rank they are discovered when listening to the recording or when reading the credits of the album.